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Performance Marketing Redesign

Performance marketing pages on U.S. News had previously been created quickly using pre-existing components from our design system. This project was a next step, developing new page designs and components specifically for performance marketing that leans into the mobile experience.


Updated performance marketing designs with new components and guidelines to assist web producers and create a better more scannable experience for users with a focus on scanability.


As the performance marketing team grew, opportunities arrived to refresh the pages’ design. I was tasked with redeveloping these pages by the product team. Working from their requirements, I identified additional changes that needed to be made as part of the redesign, including:

  • Greatly enhance the user experience on mobile, as the growing majority of users were viewing the pages on their phones while shopping in-person.

  • Enhance page scanabilty, as pages were previously made of very long blocks of text.

  • Develop a set of reusable components and widgets that web producers could use in the CMS.

  • Create guidance for web producers on what widgets to use and when.

  • Develop flexible page designs that would enable the Performance Marketing pages to be used for reviews for a wide variety of consumer products and services, from mattresses to antivirus software.

  • Create placements for more experiential review materials and lean into EAT best practices.

  • Conducted a series of top-task surveys to identify which data points users look for most.

  • Broke down blocks of copy into widgets that are more scannable.

  • Page utilizes flexible column layout to allow web producers the freedom to make more dynamic pages.

  • Worked closely with key stakeholders on the product teams to make sure we accounted for edge cases.

  • Created a new at-a-glance info box that breaks down the major features and review notes near the top of the page.

  • Updated treatment for brands with multiple products reviewed within a category to a layout that clarifies which details apply to each product.

  • Designed an “Is this product right for me” section that highlights key details and features that may be deal breakers and suggests alternative products that may better meet the user's needs.

  • Designed a "Lab Notes" section for opinion content, which incorporates a disclaimer and scannable images.

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