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It can be difficult to know where to start when searching for a new product or service. I had a key role in building the "Quizzard" recommendation tool which helps users start their search on the right foot by making a recommendation based on their identified needs.


Identified a vendor and built a workflow for recommending products for users based on their existing needs.


Running research on users’ needs, we found many users were starting a search with little background knowledge of the product or service they were exploring. To address this challenge, our product teams suggested rolling out a product recommendation tool, but they wanted to build it internally. 

While reviewing this project, I identified two main challenges:

  • Product teams would need to be able to create recommendation quizzes. The infrastructure needed to do this would be nearly equivalent  to building a second application.

  • The UX for this tool would likely be difficult to do well internally because of lack of resources and development expertise in app design.

I also identified some secondary challenges:

  • The quiz may need fairly complicated logic to correctly calculate the test results, meaning the logic for each quiz would be significantly different.

  • Historically these tools had limited success because of a few major issues, they: were not scalable to other products or verticals, were not well tied into our existing content, used external tools with poor UX.

  • Identified potential technology solution in Typeform.

  • Created a proof of concept test and communicated with vendor.

  • Created wireframes and sample user flows to communicate approach.

  • Designed final result pages.

  • Built a kitchen sink test showing all prompt variations.

  • Built the first two tests to kickstart production onboarding.

  • Created tests for other U.S. News verticals that use the current search application and requires virtually no development work.

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